What's a DBA?
(Doing Business As)

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What's a DBA (Doing Business As)​?


Doing Business As (DBA) is a formal approach to specify your company name and offer further details about your business. A DBA can provide you greater trust with potential consumers while protecting your company name and other information.
With a DBA, you can conduct business using a well-known company name without opening a brand-new company. For instance, instead of having to go through the registration and paperwork necessary to form a new company, the owner of Sample Company who wishes to grow and operate as Sample Corporation may do so by registering the DBA and obtaining a tax ID number for their new organization.
Obtaining a certificate of registration from the relevant government or authority, filling out a form, and paying a nominal fee are normally required steps in the DBA registration procedure, however it varies by state. When they first start their firm, some companies may decide to use a fictitious business name to shield their identity. For instance, an online retailer may establish a fictitious business name like “Sample Corporation” while their venture is still in the planning phases.

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